This is not an endorsement by Moonport Modelers Club.  It is an experience I had when my AC broke at home.  My AC broke, it was August 26th, and it was hot.  My wife pointed it out more than once.  So I called several AC installers to get an estimate to replace the unit.  It was 15 years old, so I figured fixing it was not an option.  I received several estimates.  "Comfort Service Heating & Air" of Titusville had the best deal.  They did not start with an inflated price then give me discounts.  The gave me a straight price, it was about $1000 less than the other guys discounted price, for the exact same unit.  If you have AC problems, make sure you include these guys when comparing prices.  Also, they checked out my old unit and then repaired it for the price of a service call and parts.  When my AC unit finally does die, I will call these guys first.