It has probably been brought up before but is worth mentioning again. Between the age range of some of our members and the nature of the hobby it is always possible someone might get hurt or sick and need Emergency Service. The first thing to remember is we are in a COUNTY not TOWN covered area. When you call 911 you will most likely get the county dispatcher! Our address is #4950 Penrode Rd. Titusville a private road ¼ mile south east of SR-50 off Windover Way. If you have to call, state the nature of the emergency ( heart attack, injury, drowning, lost fingers or whatever). Make sure you give the dispatcher someone’s name and cell-phone number in case they have to call back.

Next have someone go out to the road (Windover Way) and watch for the police or fire dept. and point them into the field, stay there in case more responder’s are coming.

Knowing this could mean the difference between Life & Death!!!!!